Good Bye January

And just like that a month has gone by. Well another month is at our doorsteps, so that just means more memories need to be made and lessons to be learned.

A recap of our January which isn’t nothing too fancy but good enough 🙂
-We are all getting better health wise after all these months (three to be exact) of being sick. Me, mostly!
-Ms. Tamila is enjoying basketball. She has this love/hate relationship with it right now but I think she’ll grow to love it.
-Helping our friends Aaron and Jane Wheeler pack up for their move. Totally going to miss them. Jane wasn’t just my visiting teacher but a really good friend. Thank goodness for social media.

So with a new month approaching, I have been working on trying to mentally prepare myself for my classes that I will be taking. Set new goals for myself that I need just for personal progress and also do my best to focus on what really matters.

As I sit here patiently waiting for some beautiful sun to come and stay a while, I’ll enjoy the sweet memory of this day as we drove back from Arizona. This poor child tried to enjoy the long drive.
Here is to a new month and new goals.
Mother Theresa


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