Hello February

Nice of you to show up and you know bring all the hearts, flowers, over-priced gifts, AWESOME sales, reds, pinks, blacks and whatever other colors you are known for. [I totally referred to February as a person] ANYWAYS….

Not a big fan of the whole Valentine’s Day shenanigans but I am a sucker for some chocolate that will be on sale as soon as this “lovely” day is over. But I won’t be able to indulge in any. HA! Maybe one “miniature” Kit-Kat sized candy bag. Yes, the bag!!! Not really. Gotta watch what I eat. Which is really hard.

Anyways so this post really isn’t about February, more like what has and maybe happening this month for me and those that are close to me -aka- my aiga (means family in Samoan).

School starts next week and I feel so unprepared but I have been trying to read this massive text-book and write down notes. I think what freaks me out is not knowing a professor’s method of teaching. I am so ready to go back though. I love being home and being with my family but I enjoy school (maybe not ALL of it but most of it). Good luck in your studies and to all you high school seniors, enjoy these last few months because they are going to fly by SO fast!! High School reunion for me already?!!! Ummm. No comment.

Next. So as I have mentioned before on a pervious post that I have been sick like a dog, nope, so sick where I wanted to just lay in a fetal position all day and waste away. Yup, that is exactly how I felt. I know I shouldn’t complain about small “stuff” when there are people out there living and going through far worst than I am. But that was how I felt. What made it hard for me was the “unknown” cause of what was keeping me sick. Then after a last set of lab work…THEY FOUND IT! So I went to visit our family doctor to follow-up on a three pill regimen that I have been on and my overall health. I’m off the meds and I lost about 20 something pounds since summer/fall 2014. It was not the way I wanted to lose it but that is extra weight gone so I took it as a victory. I am starting to feel so much better and notice that a lot of changes, my clothes [jeans and shirts mostly] are getting really loose. I’ve also noticed a big change in my face and eating habits. My puletasi collection (traditional Samoan wear for women) that once squeezed the life out of me, they fit! Which means there is still room for more progress. [side note: a puletasi can be expensive because a seamstress basically turns your idea into this beautiful dress and material can be a bit pricey, but kudos to you if you have someone in your life that makes them just because they love you, could she be my aunt too?!]

After dropping that much weight, my husband mentioned that this was my second chance to being healthy and keeping the weight off. If you know me, you know I’ve struggled with my weight since I was in junior high.  I have decided instead of the whole “New Years Resolution” thing, I would set small goals every month and re-evaluate them at the end. Since February just started, I still think I could sneak in a goal or two. No this isn’t going to be my ‘GET FIT GET HEALTHY’ blog but it doesn’t mean I won’t share a few victories. I won’t mention any numbers until I am ready, but know that I have not been at this weight since I was in my third-trimester with my now seven-year old. So for me this is big.

I wish everyone the best in their journey to being a healthier being. Many have inspired me to be better. The most influential people have been family. Sometimes we lose sight of ourselves and our personal goals because we all have people and duties that are a priority. Yet, if we aren’t healthy and taking care of ourselves how can we take care of those we love?! My kid told me that one day while we were walking to school (when did she become so wise? lol)

Edward Stanley sums it up in this quote, “Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

Left: At my biggest (Nov. 2010) Right: Today (Feb. 2015)

🍋 Here is to sweet lemonade from sour lemons. 🍋
Mother Theresa


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