Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day.

It has been a full week of school for me.  Still trying to get used to having a night class. i.hate.night.classes.  Besides that my professors is pretty cool, maybe because she makes this science class fun.  Which could really be boring.


I wanted to wish my sister Gwendolyn a


Here is to a million more birthdays. Remember you need to leave your 20s with a bang…so HAVE FUN!




switching gears now…So being in the right place at the right time has always been something that has made my testimony in the gospel grow.  This past Sunday there were so many things that kept coming in the way and trying to keep me from attending our church meeting.  The talk that was given during Sacrament was exactly what I needed to hear as well as the lesson taught in one of the Sunday School classes about Faith, which really hit home for me.  The Sunday School lesson was about Faith in Jesus Christ.  In this lesson it asked What is Faith? Why should we have Faith in Jesus Christ? How can we increase our Faith in Jesus Christ? What are some blessings that follow Faith?  I thought I knew it…I mean if you want to talk about a topic that I feel that I struggle with at times, this would be the one and I’m constantly looking in my scriptures for help on how I can increase my faith.  Something that stuck out to me was something President Kimball said.

President Spencer W. Kimball explained, “There must be works with faith. How foolish it would be to ask the Lord to give us knowledge, but how wise to ask the Lord’s help to acquire knowledge, to study constructively, to think clearly, and to retain things that we have learned” (Faith Precedes the Miracle [1972], 205; italics in original).

So I thought about how I would pray and ask for help in school.  After reading this I wondered if I did ask Heavenly Father for these things in particular.  It’s like saying thank you for “everything”, but what is “everything” to you?  I’m not saying that my prayer is better than the next person.  It’s just that sometimes I know I rush to get a prayer over with (not something I’m proud of) but I forget to say the things that I really am thankful for, my hopes, desires, and needs (Alma 34:17-26).  So this past Sunday I was where I needed to be because I needed to hear the messages that Heavenly Father sent as an answer.


and California weather is starting to change.  It’s getting a little warmer and I just hope beanie weather stays a little longer.  You know, just until the end of the month. lol.


🍋Enjoying some sweet lemonade🍋
Mother Theresa


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