It’s Almost Vacation Time …

YAY!!!!!!! it’s JULY!!!!!!  Alrighty.  Enough of that.  🙂

So it’s a brand spankin’ new month and my family and I are not only preparing for my daughter’s baptism but it’s almost my husband’s birthday AND TIME!!!  Okay, let me breath and stop jumping around in my chair before I fall out.  Oh I just cannot contain myself.  WE need this vacation really BAD.  Anyways I hope so far your summer if going great.

**waving good-bye to June**

Oh June was lovely.  We ended the month with a BANG!  My husband and I rounded up 12 kids all on a Friday morning to go to Big Air Trampoline Park in Buena Park [sidenote:  nope, I don’t work for these peeps but my kid loves this place. so shout out to them] then we went to the park next door to our house and had pizza, cake, the kids played some more.  I thought they would ALL be TIRED after the trampoline park but they weren’t.  Which I hope helped each of them get some rest and sleep in the next morning.  Thank you to all the parents that allowed my husband and I to take their kids to help celebrate our daughter’s birthday.  We really hope they all had fun.

The Crew before going into Big Air.
The Crew before going into Big Air.
Family Birthday Tradition || Breakfast at Village Cafe
Family Birthday Tradition || Breakfast at Village Cafe

Moving on.  So here is a lovely little wallpaper that I hope would make your day. Yes, it’s kind of like my background you see there….but I added a few other things.

I’m just super excited for all the fun and festivities that will be going on this week and the rest of the month.  I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful July 4th weekend.  Thank you to all those men and women that have served our country, past and present.

If you would like to download the above wallpapers please do so HERE.  Please don’t forget to send a link back to my blog.  🙂


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