“Summer days drifting away…”

cue in “Summer Nights” from the movie Grease.

So as summer comes to an end here on our side of the planet.  I just want to say for the record it was one long, hot (and it’s still hot), fun summer for our family.  We spent all summer going to movies and concerts in the park, spending weekends just hanging out with family and friends, taking a trip out of California, and ending it with a much needed pool get-together.

So it’s been a tough year for my family & I.  A lot has happened, not just to my immediate family but also extended.  Gosh, talk about a test of faith.  One thing I’ve always believed, even when at times I just wanted to throw in the towel was that Heavenly Father never gives us what we cannot handle.  Sometimes I think, am I really as strong as he thinks I am?!  But hey, He knows me better than I know myself.  So why not trust in him & whatever his plans are.  So segue into our very busy summer.  First, my husband is super awesome (no, really he is 😉 but then again every gal knows her husband is awesome) because he surprised us with a vacation to Oahu for two weeks.  OH.HOW.WE.NEEDED.THOSE.TWO.WEEKS. (Yes, caps are neededWe got to spend time with my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws & their families.  We enjoyed local food and also just being away for a bit just so that we could relax and unwind.  We stayed on the North Shore (Laie to be exact) and it was awesome.  The new Marriott Hotel opened about three or four weeks prior to our check in day, so it was really nice.  We enjoyed dinner one night at the Prime Buffet that they have at the Polynesian Cultural Center (aka PCC) and following that was the night show, Ha – Breath of Life.  If you ever plan on visiting, totally check it out.  My husband got to catch up with a few friends from back home in American Samoa, while Tamila & I were able to take a photo with Jeff Roberts; who produced the “Meet the Mormons” film, and his wife as well as the Mana & Lani (cast members of the show).  We enjoyed the beaches and got to stop by Matsumoto Shave Ice and see what the buzz was about.  We weren’t big fans.  But there was a spot that we really loved & kept going back to, which is next to Tropical Rush Surf Co. which is before Matsumoto.  Our trip was fun and I really enjoyed that we stayed on the country side instead of in town.  It made me appreciate the simple things in life.  Our last Sunday in Laie we got to take some photos at the Laie Temple, which was so beautiful!!  Now I really want to go back to Oahu.  –big sigh–  Ohhh but there’s more…we went to almost all the movies and concerts that were showing in the parks in the city of Cerritos.  They were extra fun because we got to hang out with one of our very close friends and their daughters.  My aunts and their husbands also came from New Zealand and Australia to spend summer with us.  Which was totally fun because I got to play tour guide & tourist in Los Angeles.  WAIT, my sister from another mister Lima, stayed for almost a week with us too, right before we left on vacation.  I feel so blessed having been surrounded by lots of family.  Then to finally end this really hot week before Tamila starts school, we joined my sister & her family for an afternoon in the pool.  Trying to put everything we did during the summer in this blog would take me a few hours & well I just don’t feel like doing that. lol.

So here is to a great summer and one for the books.  Hope you all had an awesome summer and that all you parents are enjoying some “ME TIME” now that the kids are back in school.  What is a blog post without “some” photos.

Stopped to try this place out…sorry, we weren’t big fans of it.
The Fanene’s with the Fijian warrior
the beach at 9am
kamehameha highway
Laie Temple Grounds with the Matriarch of the Fanene family & Little Ms. Fanene
We love to see the temple.
Leislie, Tamila, & Mom || Laie Temple
Thanks to this handsome guy for such an awesome vacation.
soaking up some sun, sand, & a whole bunch of smiles
quick stop before heading to the Night Show at the Polynesian Cultural Center
this day was just perfect … everything about it was
on our way to check out this historic place
Laie Temple || Laie, HI
“Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” || Matthew 18:18

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